3 Weeks Into Chapter 2 of My New Life.

Your boy is three weeks into his new life… speaking in the 3rd person like Jimmy on Seinfeld is fun. “Jimmy’s gonna put the moves on Elaine”. Putting the poison down has made my life do a massive 180… I realize it won’t always be easy but the outpouring of support and messages gives me tons of confidence going forward. I cannot stress how much strength everyone has given me along the way. Exposing the struggles has been a big deal in this process… I don’t wanna let everyone down! Going forward my goal is to help people that are struggling. We’ve been working on a book the last couple of years that will dive into the difficulties that I’ve faced as I got sucked into the National opioid epidemic. It has a happy ending but will be really raw and quite shocking, but whatever if I can help people this is a story that needs to be told.

When any addiction starts to effect your daily life and your starting to alienate yourself… it’s time to yank the emergency brake and head in the other direction and get help. Seeing the looks on the faces of my loved ones and how shitty I felt was when I saw the massive error in my ways. Nobody can live in that state and be a productive member of society. You can lie to yourself for years and fake it but it ALWAYS catches up to you. Who thinks a skinny lil punk like me would do well in jail? NOBODY. I’ve spent many nights in jail but thankfully no one ever messed with me. I watched March Madness in 2006 from a jail cell… there is a lil tidbit of the story that is gonna be told when the book comes out. My story feels like it’s taken new life and is a wave that can’t be stopped. Stay Ture everyone